The Baddish Group

Baddish Group LogoBased in New York City, the Baddish Group is a public relations firm renowned for its razor-sharp food and beverage marketing expertise. Via innovative and targeted public relations strategies, the agency some of the food and beverage industries’ biggest and brightest stars through the process of identifying and connecting with their ideal consumer base. Founded and led by CEO Laura Baddish, the company offers exceptional leadership in the space. Her years of experience in high-end food and beverage marketing have afforded Laura an unparalleled level of clarity, degree of focus, and assortment of contacts to offer her clients. Laura and the rest of the team at the Baddish Group are unwavering in their commitment to excellence. They specialize in a number of both traditional and modern tactics in influencing key stakeholders, including traditional media, social media, strategic partnerships, and much more.

Excellent client satisfaction is at the very foundation of all the work Laura and the Baddish Group seek to accomplish. Ultimately, they seek to offer a specifically tailored and highly commendable quality of service to every brand that comes one, appreciating fully the unique demands of different brands and products in varying markets.

The Baddish Groups’ services extend to creating and helping disseminate press materials. Laura and her team have also organized and publicized wine and spirits reviews, ratings, and competitions. They also manage tweet ups, media relations, sponsorships, and other events. The Baddish Group has put together media tours on the national level and highly visible branded entertainment. However, they also thrive on the smaller scale, speaking directly to consumers via food pairings and strategic partnerships with widely lauded chefs, designers, and celebrities.

Successfully executed campaigns for internationally recognized brands cement the Baddish Group’s reputation as experts. These include crafting Driscoll’s Berries domination of National Strawberry Shortcake Day, organizing exclusive launch parties on behalf of Chambord Vodka, and dramatically improving the visibility of Conjure Cognac joint venture between musical artist Ludicrous and House of Birkedal Hartmann, via placement in the likes of People’s Magazine.

With so many products on the market, consumers have more options than ever from which to select when making a purchase of any kind. Excellent, targeted messaging is crucial if brands are going to connect with customers effectively. The Baddish Group excels at not only crafting the right message, but delivering it in the most creative, fun, and engaging way possible. In today’s fast-paced world, anything less than top-tier PR simply will not do.